Welcome to Old Venice Restaurant, Café & Bar

Casual elegance, relaxed charm, and a fusion
of Mediterranean flavors combine to present
a dining experience you won’t forget. Whether meeting friends, anticipating a romantic evening,
or entertaining family, Old Venice is your restaurant— in the heart of Point Loma.

Family owned and operated for 25 years,
Old Venice is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Tastefully decorated, with a selection of indoor or
outdoor dining, you will immediately be enraptured with the European ambience of one of San Diego’s finest dining venues.

Open for Lunch
11:00 to 4:00
Monday – Saturday 

Open for Dinner
4:00 to 9:30
Sunday – Thursday

4:00 to 10:00
Friday & Saturday

2910 Canon Street
Point Loma, California 92106

(619) 222-5888

reservations taken only for
parties of 10 or more

One Response to Welcome to Old Venice Restaurant, Café & Bar

  1. victoria McSpadden says:

    I love love love both of your restaurants. The lovely simple white walls, and candles are just breath taking, like the old saying goes “less is more.” And your food is truly heaven on earth, you don’t want to stop eating ever! I recently tried out your newest restaurant in Hillcrest or North Park, I loved it just as much. Thank you so much for sharing your delightful restaurant.

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